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Wyoming's Wipeout of Wildlife(using your tax dollars)

Wyoming with its lush craggy mountian tops, arid desert and unique landscapes is truly one of the most remarkable places to visit. The topography of the state is like no other, it is other-worldly, and the wildlife that thrives here, amongst such hatred by vested interests, is astounding to me. It is as if the state is owned by these special interest groups. Did you know that Wyoming is the tenth-largest state by land, but the least populated state in the US. You can drive for hours in Wyoming without seeing a single person. 

Tortured Female Wolf

By now, you've likely heard the story of the young, female wolf tortured by Cody Roberts in Daniel, WY. Had wolves been re-listed onto the Endangered Species Act, where they belong, this horrendous and grueling crime would have had far worse consequences than the ridiculous $250.00 he was fined. For some reason Wyoming continues to allow greed to ruin and destroy all that is majestic about this incredible state. 

                                                                                                            (protected wolf)

Wyoming's Checkerboard Disaster

AWHC, the Animal Welfare Institute, Western Watersheds Project, author and Casper College instructor Dr. Chad Hanson, wildlife photographer Carol Walker and myself, are continuing to pursue a more than decade-long battle to save the iconic wild horses of the Wyoming Checkerboard.

"The lawsuit challenges a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) decision to "zero out" (eliminate all wild horses from) the Great Divide Basin and Salt Wells Creek Herd Management Areas (HMAs) and eliminate wild horses from 2 million acres of designated habitat within the state. We’re up against not only the BLM, but also the powerful Rock Springs Grazing Association (RSGA), which views wild horses as competitors for cheap livestock grazing on public lands." -AWHC


Lander Complex Wild Horses

Like the Red Desert, this is Wyoming Wild Country. You can deep out into this country and not see another soul for days. Sadly, you will see the effects of human greed however in the presence of cattle and sheep. 

On July 1st the BLM is ready to charge down over 2,700 wild horses from Dishpan Butte, Muskrat Basin, Rock Creek and Conant Creek HMAs. And, they will do this using your tax dollars, meanwhile the special interests who are at the helm of enforcing this action receive huge tax incentives. The land is destroyed, the wildlife cleared and the cattle take over outnumbering wild horses 50 to 1. It is staggering to me these archaic practices are still taking place on our unique public lands. 

I've said this many times, protecting the wild will forever be up to us. We can't rely on the bureaucratic entities charged with this task; it will always sit squarely on our shoulders to hold their feet to the fire. Failure to do so risks losing yet untold beauty and necessary ecosystems will fall into the abyss. For far too long, vested interests have fattened their wallets at the egregious expense of our invaluable wildlife and their ancestral habitats.


Together we rally to stop this horrific eradication of wild horses from Wyoming 's unique and vast landscapes. Where the Bureau of Land Management wishes to eliminate wild horses from 2 million acres of the very land set aside for them to live as intended wild and free. 

There are multiple ways to help. The wolves and the wild horses are connected, wildlife is being wiped out to make room for damaging cattle and sheep so a few wealthy ranchers can get further rich. It is appalling. Without strong support from the public there is a good chance all icons of the West, and the precious soil they call home, will be gone forever.

Reach out to your elected representatives; let them know you wish to cease the use of dangerous helicopters and preserve the wild spirit that defines who these majectic creatures are.

Stopping the inhumane treatment of wildlife is up to us. Together let's be their guardians. 

Thank you for being a part of conservation.

 Museum Quality Standards  Each piece of my wild horse fine art adheres to the highest of quality. From the East coast to the West, I have spent two decades finding the best of production teams available. It is assured you are getting the finest of attention to details and the best archival materials available

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Kimerlee is known for her unique and intimate portrayal of our American Wild Horses. Highlighting the beauty and majesty of their lives living free on our Western Public Lands. She is an ambassador to The American Wild Horse Conservation


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