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Behind the Image "Esperanza"

Bed Head

This week was unexpected magic being my first trip to Utah's West Desert. It was the spring of 2009, when I first set foot in the Onaqui Mountains of Utah, a place that has now drawn me back for countless visits each year. 

Each trip there is a muse, a certain horse who stands out and captures me with their beauty and presence. Amidst the vast breathtaking landscape, this horse of remarkable stature seemd to be in my eye sight everywhere I turned. A powerful leader with barely a makr on him, a stunning family band and a quiet strength I learned over time was ultimately what it takes to be a respected stallion in the wild. 

 Resilient Gaze

Over the next five days I was charged with a wellspring of emotions. Seeing such a large and dynamic herd of horses, each passing day became more enchanting. and the privilege I felt more overwhelming as my commitment for their protections grew stronger. 

Fall of the same year brought an "emeergency round-up" a term used to justify the stampeding of horses without following proper protocols. This iconic herd that had traversed 244,000 acres of their home territory was stripped down to a mere 50-75 horses. Despite years of seraching for this gallant stallion, on and off the range, I never did lay eyes on him again. 

 Te Amo

In the wake of this devastating loss, his gaze continues to ignite a fire in my soul, and a seal an unbreakable commitment to raise my voice and ensure his untamed life mattered. He is a beacon of hope, that we will protect our future wild places. 

This stallion became my muse throughout that unforgettable week long journey. Consistently, he occupied my frame with his magnificent presence. A fierce warrior, yet devoid of aggression, holding his ground with grace, safeguarding his mares and nurturing his young. 

Esperanza means H O P E. He sealed a fate in me that can not be undone-to work hard and share his story.

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