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AWHC X Jenni Kayne X Kimerlee Curyl at Desert International Horse Park 2024

In the heart of January, I found myself surrounded by a remarkable assembly of fierce and resilient women, united in a powerful cause -the protection of our wild horses. Among these incredible individuals, one shining beacon led the way- Jenni Kayne, a visionary California lifestyle designer whose admiration I've held for a long time. She has used her stunning and elegant platform to amplify the voices of our wild horses and has helped us captivate a wider audience through her collector base.

Jenni, in collaboration with the Desert Horse International Horse Park, and her magnificent team curated an elegant pop-up tent during the third week of this prestigious Hunter/Jumper horse show right here in California. It was an extraordinary opportunity to merge the worlds of high-end equestrianism and heartfelt advocacy. This synergy not only showcased the seamless integration of beauty and purpose but also underscored the urgency of protecting our wild horses.

Joining forces with luminaries like Callidae and The Surrey Shop, each of us embraced the honor of contributing 15% of our sales to The American Wild Horse Conservation. This collective effort aimed not only to provide financial support but, more importantly, to lend our voices to the chorus demanding that wild horses remain wild on our public lands where they belong.

We not only celebrated the prowess of stunning Hunter/Jumper horses but, more significantly, championed the cause of preserving the freedom and spirit of their wild counterparts. It was an inspiring convergence of artistry, activism, and altruism-a testament to the strength that arises when women come together to advocate for a cause greater than themselves.

Gratitude fills my soul for the opportunity to stand alongside these incredible women, forging a path where style meets substance, and where the call of the wild is not just heard but answered with resounding unity. Here's to the fierce women, the spirited horses, and a future where wild beauty roams freely, forever etched in the landscapes of our beautiful Western landscapes.

Museum Quality Standards  Each piece of my wild horse fine art adheres to the highest of quality. From the East coast to the West, I have spent two decades finding the best of production teams available. While this may cost a little more, it is assured you are getting the finest of attention to details and the best archival materials available

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