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Often hearing, “I love your work and would love a piece, however I want one of my own horse”. As a dedicated partner to my own horses, I completely understand. The honor I feel by your interest drives my passion for this work, and my desire to share your story.

I am blessed to experience intimate relationships not only with my own horses but the fortunate wild ones who remain on our public lands. The perseverance, patience and desire to spend hours to get a wild animal to trust you is truly unbelieveable. It is in those countless hours that I have learned what inspires a horse. Understanding what their movement will be before its even made has been a gift to me through my own horsemanship journey. I owe so much to the amazing mentors and horses, who have taught me the pure and true art of the horse. It is an intoxicating blend of texture and emotion I wish to capture between horse and human alike. The most heartbreaking thing I hear…”I wish we would have had our photos done.” These images reach far beyond show photos, capturing beautiful lifestyle images with your equine friend.

The horse is mother nature in her truest essence, horses dance with their environment. In order to capture these magical creatures unrestrained, there must be an instinctive connection and understanding between us. It is from this space of understanding, intuition and connection I intend to bring you moments blanketed in beautiful light. Giving you unique angles, and a view of your horse you may not have seen, or thought of before.

Images below were collaborations with horse owners and brands, wether it be editorial or personal, the power of your story in art will stand the test of time. Please contact the studio for full pricing information on Fine Art / Editorial Sessions.


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