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Wild Horses and Native Americans

Native American Day

"They were not enslaved. They were not controlled. They were not kept. And in this, if they chose to align themselves with The People, then there was great power. ~ Mayan Elder

As Dr. Yvette Running Horse Collins states in Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West, “Our people say, we always had the horse.” “History is often told by the conqueror … There is a great deal of fossil evidence to prove that the horses did not go extinct in the Americas and that they indeed had a relationship with different Native people. This issue has not been properly scientifically researched. What would happen if it’s understood and widely accepted that the horse survived the Ice Age, and in fact some of that blood is still in the wild horses that roam these lands today. If the United States follows its own laws, they would then be protected by the Endangered Species Act. Not only would they be protected, it also protects the lands that they call home. [The lands] wouldn’t be available for extraction, for mining, they would have to be kept pure and allowed to live in balance". 

The history of Native people and wild horses has always been something of intrigue and deep honor for me, for as long as I can remember. I sincerely hope her important research will soon foster further protections of our iconic wild horses and the lands they call home.

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