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Wild Beauty Mustang Spirit of the West


For the past five years, an up-and-coming Hollywood producer, Ashley Avis, has been traveling the West to film the scandalous abuse of wild horses by the federal agencies that are tasked with managing. Her investigation uncovered discovered that the livestock industry, not the public interest or science-based land and wildlife management, was driving agency decisions, decimating wild horse populations to make room for more cattle and sheep on western public lands. Her team then followed the captive horses on their tragic journey into feedlots leading to slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada. Having spent years photographing wild horses, I got the opportunity to appear in the movie as an artist, guide, and spokesperson for our wild herds. I’ve always believed that art and beauty is a facet of awareness not to be underestimated, and that is an integral part of this amazing film.

Her groundbreaking full-length documentary, Wild Beauty; Mustang Spirit of the West had its Hollywood debut in May. It was a star-studded gala at the spectacular Directors Guild of America theater, and even with the glitz of the red carpet and the paparazzi, it was the beauty and majesty of the wild horses, and the spectacular cinematography, that stole the show. This is an important story to be told, and it supports everyone who has been working tirelessly to keep free-roaming horses wild and free in the West. This critically-acclaimed film publicizes the issue and shines a light into the dark places of federal mismanagement of wild lands and the horses that inhabit them. It was a huge honor to be there(wearing gorgeous Monique Lhuillier) on behalf of these creatures I'm so deeply in love with.

The film heads to Washington D.C. on June 22, to premiere in front of Congress.

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