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Protecting the WILD

The Red Desert is one of the most mystical and magical places to visit and view the wildest of the wild American horses. The Bureau of Land Management recently changed their plan for this area to zero out wild horses entirely across vast areas of the Red Desert, and radically reduce their numbers elsewhere. The agency had determined that these lands were already meeting the “thriving natural ecological balance” even before the disastrous roundups of 2020 and 2021, when almost three-quarters of the wild horse population – 3,500 horses – were rounded up with helicopters and taken into captivity at the behest of the Rock Springs Grazing Association. This tone and unruly precedence can not be set. The future of our wild world depends on it. Once again I have joined a lawsuit as a co-plaintiff to reverse this decision together with The American Wild Horse CampaignWestern Watersheds Project and others. It is my greatest hope that we win this case and restore wild horses to their rightful place in the Red Desert. Their absence would leave an unhealable wound on the landscapes of Wyoming.

While Wyoming can be a challenge, AWHC has won here multiple times. Lawsuits are costly and should you feel moved to assist us in some way please make any contribution you can on their website. I thank you, but more importantly, our wild ones will, in all their majestic wild glory.


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