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In the heart of untamed wilderness, wild mares exemplify a spirit that mirrors the strength and resilience of today’s modern women. Just as these majestic creatures navigate the vast expanse of the West with grace and determination, women today stand as pillars of strength, making bold choices and facing challenges head-on. Like wild lead mares, strong women lead with wisdom and commitment. Shaping their paths and caring for their 'herd'—be it family, community or society. As we celebrate International Women's Day, let us draw inspiration from the spirit of these wild mares, honoring unwavering strength, wisdom, and leadership of the remarkable women who influence the world around them.

I am profoundly fortunate to be surrounded by an array of incredible women, each forging a unique path shaped by diverse backgrounds and experiences. The artists, weaving the vibrant threads of creativity into the fabric of existence. The healers, their compassion flows, mending wounds and nurturing growth. In the role of mentors, they guide with wisdom, illuminating the way for others to navigate their own journeys. These strong women are not just friends; they are the creators of bonds with roots that run deep, grounding us in a shared history, with branches that reach towards the vast, open sky of possibilities.

In celebrating their strength, resilience, and contributions, we acknowledge the profound impact they have on our lives and the world at large. Here's to the women who, through their artistry, healing touch, mentorship, motherhoods and friendships, help shape a better world.

Museum Quality Standards  Each piece of my wild horse fine art adheres to the highest of quality. From the East coast to the West, I have spent two decades finding the best of production teams available. While this may cost a little more, it is assured you are getting the finest of attention to details and the best archival materials available

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