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Happy New Year

Yes, a little late with the New Years wishes and resolutions...but it gives us a chance to remember it was just a few weeks ago we were drinking champagne, egg nog, and spending precious family time together - thinking ahead to our visions and dreams for the year.

2014 was a big year. Having my boy come back from foundational training from LS Ranch and having a horse to ride was such a gift and a blessing I never took for granted. I was SO happy to be riding again! He is such a wonderful lil guy and I had a great year getting he and Sequoia acquainted, her actually tolerating him and looking forward to time out together at the end of our days to graze. I was able to take some super fun clinics back at LS Ranch and up at Rancho Oso. Nothing like full immersion to truly learn who you are, and who your horse is.

Work was astounding as well...I was able to travel to the Pryor Mountains, the Sand Wash Basin and the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Each trip was so different, so magical and has its place not only in the images I'm able to capture but truly in my heart and soul. Its a drug, an amazing addiction I can not and will not shake. Spending time with wild horses on vast lands who have no need for human interaction, watching the behaviours, their struggles, their families, is something you would think I have had enough of by now...but no, I'm counting the days to the first trip of 2015 and it can't come soon enough. Yet, still, trying to carve out time to edit all the images from this past year and get them up on the (in progress) new website. The struggle to keep these horses free continues and I'm so lucky to have some serious brave hearts as friends and colleagues leading up the fight. As always stay up to date when you can. American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign will keep you in the know.

Many new thoughts and ideas are swirling for the upcoming year...all exciting, all requiring so much attention and time. Regalo getting injured after Thanksgiving is the only thing I have not found the blessing(lesson) in yet... it will surface...they always do...the time it takes to rehab a horse is truly unbelievable, not the "fun" part of being their steward, although, it has its special moments(watching your money float away would not be one of them). Regardless, things are looking up and we are thankfully moving forward with his reconditioning. Learning, laughter and riding coming up!

It was a quiet year with art shows, nothing solo but I had three wonderful group shows. Sat alongside some ridiculously talented artists, exquisite galleries and the new clients and collectors were an absolute joy to work with. Along with incredibly cool and innovative projects that will surface later in the collaborating and some really beautiful stuff is in the works! Look forward to sharing later in the year.

May you all have a blessed year ahead, may you love more, laugh more and may we all try to understand how precious life, gratitude, freedom and grace truly are. BE KIND....its all that matters ~

2015 ~ Lets do this!


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