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Dear Friends, supporters and collectors What are you grateful for?...

  • With so many issues to support these days, feel with your heart and support something that is meaningful to you. Our planet and humanity need us strong and healthy, it is crucial to our future survival. Forget focusing on what isn’t right, find a place, big or small to make it right by making a something that matters to you.
  • Be Grateful. Donate. Sponsor. Volunteer. Support Small Business. Lend a helping hand. Smile. Teach. Hold the door for someone. Just keep doing.
  • Grateful for our Wildness - it matters to me. The word W I L D inspires my soul, changes my breathing and opens my mind and heart to all that is possible. It is the core source of all inspiration, the driving force behind all the works. Each and every minute I have spent in the wild is counted for in immeasurable joy and necessity. To loose what we have out there, these horses, these lands would shattered a part of me I would not know how to get back. Determined to look to the future with hope and progress for saving something sacred, something raw and so very real.
  • What are you grateful for today, tomorrow and always? Find it, protect it and make difference.
  • Happy Thanksgiving to all ~
  • Kimerlee


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