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According to the American Art Therapy Association, “Art Therapy uses the creative process of art making to improve and enhance the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of individuals.”

I’ve been asked “don’t you have enough images of wild horses?” The answer is, and will always be, no. While this is my craft, the layers of passion that lie beneath the surface are deep. I haven’t been shy about my dedication to highlighting the plight that wild horses and burros have been facing for decades. And my commitment to amplifying their voices, whose existence and future protections continue to be threatened, as do the lands they call home. It has always been a strong desire of mine to use ART as a voice, and advocate for these creatures, their protections and the preservation of their natural habitats on our public lands. 

The connection between art therapy and wild horses is personally deep-rooted and profound. Oftentimes, and for many people, emotions are vastly complex and challenging to articulate through language. That is where the horses and the vast landscapes step in, offering a cleansing break from the modern world marked with stress and distractions. The healing power of horses allows you to let guards down. The masks we often wear while navigating the noise of the world do not serve us well and need to be released. Horses, live unapologetically in pure authentic moments, it is in that realm of authenticity where your truest emotions appear. From the uncomfortable to the soothing, anything else we tend to monitor. 

Kimerlee Curyl Photography

This is where art and healing converge for me. This journey is not just about artistic inspiration, it is a refuge, to a place where those healing powers of open space and wildness collide. Seeing a dust devil dance on the horizon at sunset serves as a reminder of unbridled movement, just as much as watching a herd of flying manes race across the desert floor.  The wind, relentless at times, awakens and shakes your soul, inspiring creativity to now do her dance within you. It is a powerful connection to a world that knows no bounds, and is limitless with healing energies. 

This is why, I believe, the artwork can also become a conduit for healing. Over the years I have received many letters from collectors expressing how the works have deeply affected them and those in their homes. From an intimate portrait, a unique abstract, or a vast expansion of the desert, each piece holds the essence of the wild. Infusing your space with freedom, adventure, and a connection to our greater wild world. Your instilling a portal of untamed, unbridled relentless freedom into your day to day life. A reminder to let your restraints go and feel free. 

Yes, art is medicine, our wild world is medicine, and we all need the beauty of art to bring us solace from time to time. 

 ART is the only way to run away without leaving HOME - Twyla Tharp

Kimerlee Curyl Photography

Museum Quality Standards

Each piece of my wild horse fine art adheres to the highest of quality. From the East coast to the West, I have spent two decades finding the best of production teams available. While this may cost a little more, it is assured you are getting the finest of attention to details and the best archival materials available

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