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In personal news ~ I have adopted a wild horse from the Great Divide Basin of Wyoming. I have been to this area twice and will be back in June. Although all my wild horse trips are wonderful, personal and deeply spiritual, this area was so special to me. The horses were amazing and just seemed to turn up and present themselves more than I ever could have imagined. A gorgeous grey stallion, forever embedded on my heart was one of the most magical moments I could have ever asked for. Just one however, of the many spectacular visions I was able to witness.

This young gelding, a foal at his mothers side, was rounded up only 10 days after my friend Leslie and I left the area. We were speechless leaving here, knowing the horrors they were about to face. When I saw he was up for adoption my heart beat so fast I wasn't sure what to do. I have not met him, and I hope to the stars and back he is healthy and sound. I look forward to heading out to Utah next week to pick him up and bring him home.

A new partner for me and my sincere hope a freind to my most amazing mare Sequoia. Looking forward to the journey ahead for our herd of three. May the good energy of the world supports this decision and the path for us all is blessed with fun, adventure. love and excitement. ~ kc


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