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~ Wyoming Wild ~

There is something magical about the Wyoming desert. Many brilliant, poetic writers have harnessed the experience for us. While physically removed, their words allow us moments of feeling immersed in what this arid part of the universe looks and smells like. I struggle with capturing most things in words, but my sincere desire to express in imagery what I witness, feel and experience while out amongst the wild herds of the deserts I'm certain will never fade. May it forever keep me fueled and inspired each time I return.

They literally radiate. Their raw, wild, authentic energy is born from the salt of inhospitable earth. The rocky grounds of our western landscapes is home to these icons. In the places most don't care to visit little alone live, they thrive. Through every harsh season, they survive. Their sure footedness moves across rugged terrain with effortless power and precision. Stealth like. Appearing and disappearing faster than you or I can take a breath. They are remarkable, they are a living, breathing embodiment of what we wish to be. Graceful, wild and free. They are uniquely ours. Amazing American wild horses. Living on vast, swaths of our public lands, incomprehensible sizes for most to imagine.

The largest wild horse round up, in US history, will be starting as early as October 7th. 3,555 horses will be removed from over 4 million acres of land to the cost of 4+ million dollars-that is just for the inhumane round up. What comes next is holding for life and the figure just keep climbing for us, the tax payer. Wyoming is planning to wipe out over half the wild horses in the entire state from living free. Special interests here have long wanted to rid the state of wild horse permanently and are finally getting close to their goal. Once they remove the horses, its open season for cattle grazing and robs us of our voice as 80% of Americans appose this archaic practice of round up, removal and warehousing these resilient symbols of strength.

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Of the five HMA's(herd management areas)the Great Divide Basin, the area where my own wild horse is originally from, is the area said to go first. On one hand its easy to say look at the life he was able to obtain, on the other, the fate of the 90% who do not get adopted, is unknown and often times tragic. This round up is expected to go through the end of the year, and possibly until February 2022 which means, chasing horses in extremely cold temperatures. This, many times leads to colic deaths in the following days, and those deaths are not counted as "round up deaths". They are just horses who fall through the cracks and vanish.

Federally protected horses, that we pay for, being inhumanely treated by the government. The irony is madening.

As I go through thousands of images I have yet to process of horses that will never see freedom again, my heart is still aching from the Onaqui round up last July. As an artist, someone who moves through life with intuitive sensitivity, it is unbearable to look at horses who were once free, and try to create new work, as an advocate I must try.

Many are working hard, volunteering long hours in hopes of finding the Onaqui's good homes or permanent sanctuary. If you have one, a good home, the patience it takes to gentle a wild horse and the commitment to their long life please CLICK HERE. Understanding this is a life long partner, not a whim. Also understanding the is only one of the many HMA's the BLM is bringing to extreme low genetic viability.

If you want to support those who are working tirelessly for their protections to remain on our public lands and striving to make policy changes CLICK HERE.

May wild things be free...FOREVER xokc



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