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What is "Oxygen"

What is your oxygen?

California is burning. The Redwoods are gone. A global pandemic is real. And our nation is at war with itself.

Not likely the best lead in to an uplifting newsletter.

I have read that "A 100-foot tree, 18 inches diameter at its base, produces 6,000 pounds of oxygen. On average, one tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year. Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four."

The California Redwoods, our oldest state park has been on my list of places to go for as long as I can remember. Usually driving north 3/4 times a year and every time saying..."next time" I'll make that detour.

The image in my head of wrapping my arms around those giants has been crystal clear for years. Now, they will never be viewed in my lifetime at all. This might not seem like a big deal with everything else we're going through nationally and globally, but collectively, it is. My heart shattered when I read the news. Feeling gutted by this loss less important for myself, but extremely important for the earth. The shade, shelter and food they supplied the wild inhabitants who have either fled or perished from only ONE of Californias many raging wild fires is gone. I can't even imagine the levels of oxygen that many trees supplied Mother Earth.

Everything is about Oxygen, always has been, always will be. It is literally a life supporting element we must have. We have fires annihilating our oxygen and a virus trying to do the same. So how do we do our part to nurture this?

We need to not only think about our planet, but take action? How many water bottles are purchased a week? Recycle? Where does our food come from and how? Purchase from enviro-friendly companies or support the monster machine corporations destroying us? Supporting "leaders" who have no regard for the planet or humanity? Everything doesn't have to happen at once...but time is certainly a factor. Our actions, big and small will shift energy, and tip the scale in favor for us all, the gift of "LIFE".

Wild Places, Mother Nature, Kindness and Humanity are forms of oxygen - for me.

In an effort to turn this melancholy email around. I hope in our current days of less busy you find your "Oxygen" - what moves and inspires you to assist in the re-wilding of our world. At this juncture, it is clear without our efforts we loose so much.

I hope you find your "Oxygen" for the planet and yourself. Finding what moves you forward with action creates a better world for us all.

I cherish you all here. I want to know what shakes your soul? (yes, I borrowed that). Please express it, share it, do it, be it! So we can all rock on and keep this beautiful blue ball rolling.

Stay Safe, Stay Well, Stay Wild!

May wild things be free...FOREVER xokc


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