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Weekend at Montgomery Creek Ranch

In June I was able to spend a weekend shooting at the stunning Montgomery Creek Ranch, Wild Horse Sanctuary. My dear friends Ellie Phipps Price and Chris Towt are the founders of MCR in Stoneyford, CA.

I first 'finally' visited in April for their Open House but wasn't able to stay for long. It felt great to go back and be able to immerse myself into the land, the horses, and the story they are sharing here.

The drive to Montgomery Creek Ranch sets your imagination in motion. As you leave the interstate, you truly leave population behind you. Immediately your traveling down and into the old California West. Vast rolling ranch lands with a backdrop of the Mendocino Mountains. When you approach the Stoneyford Gorge Dam you want to get out and go mining for gold. This is true California Gold Country.

Montgomery Creek Ranch is a 2,000 acre sanctuary for wild horses in Northern California. There are currently over 200 wild horses living in the big herd forever free, and 20-30 younger horses in training on site. Their philosophy and belief is the best life insurance for a young horse is training. They invest in their young horses so that they can be adopted and make room for other wild horses that have lost their freedom and families.

The staff at Montgomery Creek Ranch are kind, knowledgeable and hard working. Always with the horses, the land and the native wildlife's best interest at heart.

Anyone CONSIDERING ADOPTING one of these mustang will be bringing a piece of that love, dedication and their wild history into their lives. Not everyone is equipped to adopt a truly untouched wild horse, this affords you the unique opportunity to bring a piece of wild heritage into your life, without the worry of "can you handle a wild horse". MCR will give you an honest assessment of each beautiful creature they gentle for life amongst us humans. For every horse that finds a home, MCR brings in another from our over crowded holding pens. You would be contributing to something powerful, grand and very much needed. Save a life, you'll never regret it!



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