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"Safe Haven"

Telling a story through moments frozen in time is the heartbeat of the work.  My passion for wild horses — and my art — has become so much more than artistry. Advocacy for the unbridled horses and preservation of the world in which they live is the driving force behind the works. There is a larger story to be told, and I hope in some small way that these works are doing just that.

The sheer joy I get from traveling the vast, untamed western landscapes is a gift in itself, a gift I wish to share with the world. Sleeping under the same stars as these creatures, inhaling the sage and breathing in the desert air, there is nothing else like it. I hope to evoke the same sense of awe and wonder in viewers and collectors of my works. It is an honor to share these images, and to inspire others to join on the journey of helping preserve their legacy. And it will forever by my sincere hope to foster a deeper appreciation for the beauty and importance of our wild world.

A recent trip out to Salt Wells, in Wyoming’s Red Desert, was a refreshing dose and perfect reminder of why I do this labor of love. The untamed spirit of a wild horse resonates with us, and our desires for strength and independence. Most of us understand their importance in our own human history, yet it’s in their importance to the rhythm of the untamed landscapes they roam where the stories reside I wish to tell. 

Watching new life return to the Salt Wells watershed, so badly scarred by the 2021 roundup, was medicine for my soul. Ominously, powerful forces charged with their stewardship are now plotting their ultimate and total removal from an area spanning more than one million acres. A lawsuit in underway to halt this madness, and in the coming months I hope to share the important, and precedent-setting news that a great victory on this front has secured the future of the Salt Wells, and other Wyoming wild horses for all time. It will be up to all of us to protect their “Safe Haven” forever.

Art has a voice, and I’m grateful to all of you who support my works and these musings, small moments in time sealed with a few words, but more importantly the future protections of our sacred wild places.

May WILD things be free...FOREVER


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