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She sells sea shells by the seashore. Shakleford Banks, NC

I ADORE fall, I'm usually out somewhere in the west, having my last shoot of the year, enjoying the soft pink light, warm but not stiffling hot days and our remaining western wild horses...this year I did something a lil different. Seeing these horses has been a dream for so many years. I'm so grateful to have finally been able to make it happen(there were challenges).

Having seen wild horses in so many different regions, one thing is for certain, at the core of every horse is a "horse" a sensitive prey animal, with varying degrees of reactionary responses to the environment around them. These horses have truly been molded, shaped by the parameters by which they live in. The islands, the marshes, the water drenched in salt, tides, food sources and lack of predetory involvement. All playing a role in who they have become. A small, strong and sturdy horse that overcomes many obstacles Mother Nature has for them. They are much calmer, the challenge in getting to them is more the logistics, not the psychology of earning trust...then its 'where' you need to be to get the shot you want. I'm definately a "west" girl, comfortable in jeans, tshirts and most certainly my boots! I will say not having to think about rattlesnakes...BONUS, however sharks, stingrays...hmmm ... an even bigger concern was keeping that lens dry and only one stingray visit, literally zooming under the boat, seconds before I had to enter the waters for a shot that was very much needed.

I have mapped out, planned and gotten myself into some desolate country to see our wild horses...this was a trip I could not have done without the help of Jared Lloyd, navigating water and wind is now something I understand but still couldn't do on my own. Not many could. Jared hosts a variety of wild life workshops for anyone interested... you will not be dissapointed. I was lucky to have him and these unique wild horses all to myself for 4 days, even though I needed another week. Thank you Jared.

I will forever be amazing by the adaptability of this species...if only we could follow more flexible, roll with the tides ~ Kimerlee

I hope you enjoy fall, Mother Nature and all she has to offer us ~


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