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:: Grace & Poise ::

Young Wyoming Wild Filly

This badly wounded filly could not move swiftly, her family was not about to leave her side. Her father, a grey stallion whom I deemed my "unicorn" was thankfully a leader, a strong stallion with the absence of scars or battle wounds on his regal body. His harem, all grey mares, his offspring, all grey. Not a stitch of color in the herd, ethereal bliss.

Although she was badly hurt to witness such commitment and care for her was as magical as painful. As the soft winds swept through their private valley, she grazed, she rested, she hobbled. All the while I had the sense she was meditating away her pain. Mustangs are hardy, she may still be roaming the Great Divide Basin Plains...or...possibly have a family of her own. I hope to see her again one day. If not, I will carry her spirit and strength with me like a talisman in my pocket. She will inspire me for many years to come. ~ kc

:: please read to learn more about the area this filly calls home ::


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