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Labor Day weekend? How did we get here?...Its been awhile since I have written...usually something sorta "hits" me and I feel the desire to share thoughts or experiences. 2014 has proven to be a bit more "inward". Time has been spent on the ranges, and more trips are planned before years end. I'm with my horses everyday, riding again is the best thing EVER~ new galleries, new work and time with my thoughts...thoughts about the future ~ mine, the horses, the planets and so many things(most times...too many things). Thankfully thats where the horses come in, they have a way of turning all that disruptive "noise" off, they slow you down to the moment at hand and bring your awareness into focus ...worries vanish and all feels free and balanced again.

One of todays thoughts however, invloves the horses and its not bringing a sense of peace to the forefront...

When are we going to fully "get it"?...Once wildness is gone, its gone. We can't bring it back, restoring the land and its habitats takes years to rebuild, resorces and the will and power to do so. I am currently involved in a lawsuit apposing the wrongfully scheduled round up of the Great Divide Basin horses. The very land my boy came from. The thought of him still roaming free crosses my mind every. single. day. I will never be able to make up for him the life he "could" have had. I swear I can see Wyoming in the reflection of his eye whenever I say "good night wild child". I can't stand what is happening to these horses because special interest groups want their way with things. No matter the cost. Its senseless. Its cruel and its greedy. We have got to find a way to understand "In WILDNESS is the preservation of the world" ~ Thoreau

Bringing despair into anyone inbox is not my objective, there is plenty of that percolating in the world. My yearing to bring this awareness, documenting these spectacular wild animals through beauty and sharing their expressive and rich worlds in a unique way through the medium of art just keeps growing. May strength prevail in the hours of sadness and loss of our Wild Lands here on this amazing soil called...USA. Stand up for what you belive in, keep enriching and feeding your desires and understand how powerful education truly is.

Be Kind


Be Bold


Do SOMETHING...have a voice, make a change...and smile ~

When you can, try one of these on for size, see how you feel...contribute to the healing of this wonderous plant ~

ADOPT. If you can't adopt, FOSTER. If you can't foster, SPONSOR. If you can't sponsor, VOLUNTEER. If you can't volunteer, DONATE. If you can't donate, E D U C A T E ~

FALL is my favortie time of the year, its inspiring and I sincerley hope to write to you about some exciting adventures ahead...

To read about the lawsuit and current climate the Great Divide Basin horses are facing



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