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Bubba ~ A Wyoming Treasure

I leave in less than a week to visit Salt Wells and words can not express how broken I feel that you won’t be there. 
He is the horse I looked for first. Last April I was able to spend a day with him. It was remarkable to see him with his new offspring after losing his family in the devastating 2021 roundup. Then in May, I was cheated out of my trip back out, due to an accident I had with my horse.
Now recovered–mostly, and eager to return to this vast landscape of green and tan buttes, a lush valley divided by a nourishing stream -I can't help but think of him and his magnificence. Having dedicated the past 20 years to traveling much of the West, sharing images and stories of these amazing creatures-our American Wild Horses, there hasn’t been another stallion with the unique presence and sculpted lines this guy possessed. When he decided another stallion, or young bachelor was too close to his family, the ground shook as his massive muscles raced by. He was something to behold. 
His images have inspired so many to care, about him and the horses who live in this special area. That impact is profound. I'm grateful his rare genetics and legacy will live on, however, if the plan to wipeout the horses here continues, those bloodlines, his legacy, will not. There is currently an important lawsuit with The American Wild Horse Campaign, Western Watersheds Project and Animal Welfare Institute taking on special interests with deep pockets. I am also a plantiff in this lawsuit. Wyoming without wild horses would be forever scarred. 
Please, if your able, visit AWHC and donate in “Bubbas" name. By raising awareness and contributing to their legal fund, you're helping to protect the natural heritage of these animals and the land they inhabit. 
Race the sky wild and free you magnificent beast~
With a style all her own, her unique works are unparalleled in portraying the story of the American Wild Horse.
With an impressive list of prestigeous galleries, national, international and celebrity collectors, you can feel confident your investing in art rooted in spirit and authenticity.
She loves personally working on projects with her designers and collectors.


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