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A Visual Journey - The Inn at Matteis Tavern Auberge Resort Collection

Last weekend at The Inn at Mattei's Tavern, Auberge Resorts Collection, was amazing!

I want to take a moment to share how deeply touched I was by our Santa Ynez Valley horse community, and of course my dear friends, who attended this event celebrating our iconic Wild Horses. The weekend was incredible and would not have been the same without each and every one of you.

The appreciation not only of my works but of the questions surrounding our wild horses and burros meant the world to me. My first show ever was in Los Angeles in 2006. Since that first show, seeing the effect the images had with people, it has become a driving force to share the beauty of our natural world to foster change. 10% of art sales will be gifted to The  American Wild Horse Campaign.
The vision for this particular installation literally came from a dream I had almost 20 years ago. The moment I stepped into "the Barn" at the Inn, I knew this was the perfect locations. The joy it brought me to share was immense, the response overwhelming. The energy in the room was positive,  inquisitive and supportive.  The subtle movement that accured from the suspended artwork added to the swirling presence of the horses within the space. Encouraging the viewer to have a experiential moment of being out amongst the horses and understanding the depth of their complex lives.

After so very long in this issue, there are times things feel lean, and hopeless. I feel so fortunate as an artist and motivated to continue advocating through art as a vehicle for building awareness and inspiring change.

My gratitude for sharing this creative journey is endless—Art is such a powerful medium.

It was equally wonderful working with Matteis staff, particularly Mary Andreasen. And the generousity of my dear friend Chris Blasman of Four Brothers Wine Co. Along with the good folks at Casa Del Sol Tequila and The historic Matteis Tavern nestled in quaint and idyllic Los Olivos, CA. 

                                                                                              "The Tavern" at Matteis

Thank you for believing in the artwork, the stories, the vision—I’m excited about the future, and sharing more experiences with you all. That is what our lives should be steeped in, beautiful, rich experiences, to enhance and foster a better world.


Museum Quality Standards  Each piece of my wild horse fine art adheres to the highest of quality. From the East coast to the West, I have spent two decades finding the best of production teams available. While this may cost a little more, it is assured you are getting the finest of attention to details and the best archival materials available

Please do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions you may have. 


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