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Its February 1st, the Chinese New Year has officially started...the YEAR of the HORSE. Earlier today I ran across this long sleeve white t-shirt that was made for me back in February 2002. I literally hadn't laid eyes on it in years( my closet is NOT that big). I was fortunate to travel to China to visit a friend and book work on a TV show called Flatland starring Dennis Hopper. Not realizing I was arriving on the first night of the Chinese New Year... the last, Year of the Horse. The hair dresser on the show, whom I could not speak a word with was so nice and had the translator ask me if he could make me a t-shirt, a kind offer and how humble he was to ask if it would be ok. A few days later he shows up with this shirt, I remember being moved to tears. He hand painted the American Flag and a white horse with a roman nose running across the front of the flag...on the back of it the chinese symbol for the HORSE. It was perfect. Shanghai was filled with horse graphics everywhere, I still have my travel mug from a Starbucks with a red horse on it. Once again, my heart was stirring for horses...for FREEDOM...for JOY...for AUTHENTICITY...for LIFE. They have always played this enormous archetypal role. My heart pounds to the rhythm of their hoofbeats, my eyes in awe of their beauty and my inner soul is nourished by their existence. Life is forever dropping us information, sometimes its wrapped in gold, sometimes dirt. Regardless of how the signs are laid down for us, they are there...not only do we have to look, we have to FEEL.

Also ten years ago today, the mare, MS. Sequoia came into my life. She is my heart and not only has she been my greatest teacher but she has been my guide, a talisman of sorts, leading the way and asking me to TRUST. And now...we have added to the herd, this beautiful young mustang...and a whole new set of lessons, experiences and journeys to embark upon.

I'm enamored with the HORSE, their external beauty and internal wisdom is truly the finest forms of Mother Nature. They move in harmony to the earth and their to environment. As an artist, I'm blessed, the "muse" is constantly surrounding me, inspiring, teaching and leading. 2013 was a wonderful year filled with many successes professional and personal and I am truly grateful for them all. Now, welcoming 2014 with wider open arms, a more expansive sense of spirit, hope and the desire to feel ALIVE in the biggest sense possible.

May we see some changes in the coming year for the Wild Horses of our nations public lands. May we honor them and continue to be their voice, they need us to be stronger this year, to speak louder and to never give up. I wish you all an amazing year ahead, may your lives be full...may you have good fortune and May you be inspired this year...this YEAR of the HORSE ~

Courage . . . can not be seen around corners but goes around them anyway ~ unknown


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