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Vanishing Grace

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Museum Canvas Editions are limited to 25 total any size and only available on the images you see here. The inks are archival, plant based inks printed on cotton canvas, UV protected then carefully stretched around 3/4 inch stretcher bars. Designed for a long life and minimal footprint on the planet, yet an impact on the world.

They arrive ready to hang as is, or your local framer can provide an additional float frame for a stunning finish. Pieces are signed and numbered along the canvas edge, and come with a signature card for placement on the back, along with a Certificate of Authenticity.

(Within the Continental United States)

Museum Canvas Limited Editions are a flat rate of $50.00 dollars.

Handle your museum canvas carefully, they are not protected with a substrate on the top and should be handled with caution. Make sure to open the package within 24-48 hrs of receiving it. In the unlikely event of damage, please see policy HERE.

FRAMING: If you wish to have your museum canvas framed, please carefully take to your local professional framer and have a float frame of your choice added to the piece. It will help protect the corners as well.

PLACEMENT: All artworks should not be placed in direct sunlight to avoid any fading over time.


The stallion above was a unicorn walking the earth. Among all the enchanting encounters I've experienced in the wild, this moment stood out as one of the most extraordinary.
As the day seemed to draw to a close, we found ourselves traversing a dusty trail, the sun slipping behind a veil of dark, brooding clouds, mist filling the air around us. Upon cresting a small hill, there he stood, in the center of the road—a vision of strength and grace, his gaze unwavering as he regarded us. He was not startled but rather regal, exuding nobility and pride.
Extremely undisturbed by my presence,  I felt completely invited into his world. With a quiet confidence, he revealed his herd, a collection of grey mares with their all grey yearlings and foals, positioned on one side of the road. Then, with a fluidity that bespoke his mastery of the land, he gracefully strode to the opposite side, venturing onto a rocky plateau that overlooked his valley. Then turned to look back.
The peace I experienced in this moment defies description. Each detail—the stallion's noble stance, the muted palette of the landscape, the soft whisper of the mist—etched itself into my memory, imprinting a profound sense of awe.
This is the essence of imagery and art—its power to stir the soul, to transport you to realms you may not get the chance to experience in person, where beauty and majesty reign.
It struck me, amidst the vastness of the Salt Wells HMA, spanning over 1 million acres—a landscape that had been stripped of 2100 wild horses just eleven months prior—that this stallion had every reason to flee from this moment. Yet, he remained steadfast, a testament to the resilience and importance of wildness and my duty to share his story.
As another piece of this stallion finds its place adorning the walls of a new resort collection in the serene landscapes of Sedona, Arizona, it symbolizes not just a moment captured, but a journey perpetuated. The stallion, embodying peace and tranquility, becomes more than just an image—he is a beacon, guiding others to find solace amidst the chaos of modern life.
This is where art can serve as a reminder of the fragile beauty that surrounds us. May it ignite a collective commitment to preserve and protect the wildness that deeply enriches our lives.

Vanishing Grace



ART has a voice
Saving Wild Horses & Burros with Every Print.
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