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Limited Edition prints are signed, numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. The CoA ensures that your print is an original. It will be mailed separately from your print. We recommend that collectors store these certificates somewhere safe and away from the artwork itself.

Edition Sizes are 5 in each size, except 40 x 60 is an edition of 15. If an edition says SOLD OUT please INQUIRE HERE to discuss other options we may have available for you.

Prints are archival, plant based, museum quality, printed on a beautifully etched cotton rag paper. Prints are sold un-matted and unframed. A three inch border will be added to the size of Limited Editions. All Limited Edition Prints are hand signed by Kimerlee. All prints have a slight sepia tone, hand crafted and unique to Kimerlee’s works.

An archival metallic chromogenic print is flush mounted between a durable core of UV protected plexiglass with a gloss finish. This piece floats off the wall about an inch and a half due to a special hanging system known as a French Cleat. These works require a custom crate to be built for the safest of journey during shipping. The three dimensional, iridescent, rich quality of the print and clean presentation of the plexiglass with no frame is a contemporary look and feel juxtaposed to the raw and wild nature of these majestic creatures. Non-Glare available upon request with an up charge. INQUIRE HERE

Dyes are infused into several layers of a proprietary coating. This gives the image a new sense of three dimensionality, enhances image durability and quality. Using pre-treated recycled aluminum, sublimation provides unparalleled depth, clarity and vividness to the work. Gloss, Semi and Matte finishes are available. These pieces also require a custom crate to be built in for safety during shipping. (Metal Sublimations largest available size is 48 x 72)

Because prints are very fragile, they shouldn't be stored in the tube for extended periods of time. Make sure to open the package within 24-48 hrs of receiving it and take it to a professional framer as soon as possible for opening and archival dry mounting. Handling your large print yourself could result in wrinkles or tears. In the unlikely event of damage, please see policy HERE.

FRAMING: It is not uncommon for prints to have a strong curl to them when first unrolled. Discuss with your professional framer about dry-mounting your print, using archival materials only, to ensure it will remain flat once framed.

PLACEMENT: All artworks should not be placed in direct sunlight to avoid any fading over time.



Chief is a magnificent stallion from the Sulpher Springs Herd Management Area in Utah. The horses from this area have the DNA most similar to the primitive Iberian horses, the Sorria, now threatened with extinction. 

After his heart-wrenching roundup, Chief was cruelly separated from his family and his homeland. He endured various forms of abuse while attempts were made to “break” his strong wild spirit. The scars he bore were both seen and unseen.   

Chief’s story, whispered to me through the winds of time, found a glimmer of hope when what seemed to be a soft landing was found with a facility that worked in equine-assisted therapy. Even in this safe haven, he remained resolute, showing no inclination to connect with humans. He quickly created a consistent pattern of either turning his back or fleeing any attempts at eye contact or touch from humans. It just wasn’t his preference, until one extraordinary day when a young boy entered his world.

This boy had known nothing but abuse his entire life, starting in his crib. Two souls, battered by darker side of human existence.  With a depth of understanding wild hearts possess, this stallion took his first kind steps towards a human, this broken child. Recognizing their shared wounds, and acknowledging vulnerability suddenly created a safe space for both.

As the session came to an end, Chief, in a gesture of protection and solidarity, positioned himself between the boy and the facilitator in an effort to protect him.  Even with this remarkable moment, it was apparent this wasn’t the life for this stunning stallion and the search for refuge again, began.  

It was clear Chief yearned to embrace his wild essence once more, and heal, on his own terms. A place where he could live a life free from human pressure. Refuge was found and he was relocated to a wild horse sanctuary where he found his way back to his native way of life. He now protects a beautiful herd of Sulpher Springs mares who, like he, were removed from their families and home territory. All of them allowed to return to their untamed spirits, yet again.

Embrace Beauty



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