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Zoom the Great Divide Basin

the Great Divide Basin

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Prints are archival, plant based, museum quality, printed on a beautifully etched cotton rag paper. Prints are sold un-matted and unframed. All sizes are the full size of the print, including a one inch border around the image. Conservation Prints are hand signed by Kimerlee. All prints have a slight sepia tone hand crafted and unique to Kimerlee’s works.

Because prints are very fragile, they shouldn't be stored in the tube for extended periods of time. Make sure to open the package within 24-48 hrs of receiving it and take it to a professional framer as soon as possible for opening and archival dry mounting. Handling your large print yourself could result in wrinkles or tears. In the unlikely event of damage, please see policy HERE.

FRAMING: It is not uncommon for prints to have a strong curl to them when first unrolled. Discuss with your professional framer about dry-mounting your print, using archival materials only, to ensure it will remain flat once framed.

PLACEMENT: All artworks should not be placed in direct sunlight to avoid any fading over time.

(Within the Continental United States)

Unframed Conservation prints are a flat rate of $15 dollars.

Unframed Limited Edition prints 24 x 36 - 36 x 54 are a flat rate of $40.00 dollars.

Unframed Limited Editions prints 40 x 60 - 60 x 90 are a flat rate of $75.00 dollars.


Great Divide Basin, Wyoming

There is something magical about the Wyoming desert. Many brilliant, poetic writers have harnessed the experience for us. While physically removed, their words allow us moments of feeling immersed in what this arid part of the universe looks and smells like. I struggle with capturing most things in words, but my sincere desire to express in imagery what I witness, feel and experience while out amongst the wild herds of the deserts I'm certain will never fade. May it forever keep me fueled and inspired each time I return.

They literally radiate. Their raw, wild, authentic energy is born from the salt of inhospitable earth. The rocky grounds of our western landscapes is home to these icons. In the places most don't care to visit little alone live, they thrive. Through every harsh season, they survive. Their sure footedness moves across rugged terrain with effortless power and precision. Stealth like. Appearing and disappearing faster than you or I can take a breath. They are remarkable, they are a living, breathing embodiment of what we wish to be. Graceful, wild and free. They are uniquely ours. Amazing American wild horses. Living on vast, swaths of our public lands, incomprehensible sizes for most to imagine.

the Great Divide Basin



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