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Prints are archival, plant based, museum quality, printed on a beautifully etched cotton rag paper. Prints are sold un-matted and unframed. All sizes are the full size of the print, including a one inch border around the image. Conservation Prints are hand signed by Kimerlee. All prints have a slight sepia tone hand crafted and unique to Kimerlee’s works.

Because prints are very fragile, they shouldn't be stored in the tube for extended periods of time. Make sure to open the package within 24-48 hrs of receiving it and take it to a professional framer as soon as possible for opening and archival dry mounting. Handling your large print yourself could result in wrinkles or tears. In the unlikely event of damage, please see policy HERE.

FRAMING: It is not uncommon for prints to have a strong curl to them when first unrolled. Discuss with your professional framer about dry-mounting your print, using archival materials only, to ensure it will remain flat once framed.

PLACEMENT: All artworks should not be placed in direct sunlight to avoid any fading over time.

(Within the Continental United States)

Unframed Conservation prints are a flat rate of $15 dollars.

Unframed Limited Edition prints 24 x 36 - 36 x 54 are a flat rate of $40.00 dollars.

Unframed Limited Editions prints 40 x 60 - 60 x 90 are a flat rate of $75.00 dollars.


Salt Wells, Wyoming

In certain Native American cultures, it is believed that the solid marking adorning the chest of a horse is their “Medicine Shield". A symbol embodying strength and protection. Especially in battle.

Today, our battlefield is one of conservation, particularly in safeguarding our wildlife and wild lands. In a remote stretch of Wyoming, amid the breathtaking expanse of the Red Desert, we encountered a remarkable family of wild horses, their coats adorned with these striking markings. They epitomized the untamed spirit of their ancestors, living amidst the sprawling landscapes that have been their home for generations.

From nearly a mile away, they sensed our presence, a subtle stirring among them. We paused, allowing the moment to unfold organically, mindful of the delicate balance between observer and observed.This once-thriving sanctuary with-in the Salt Wells HMA, with its lush valleys and babbling creeks sustained a vibrant ecosystem and healthy, stunning horses. 

For years, I've returned to this sacred place, witnessing firsthand the gradual disappearance of these majestic creatures. Where once herds roamed freely, is now void of horses, a haunting testament to the threats facing our natural world. Each visit is a reminder of what's at stake—a call to action to preserve and protect these dwindling havens of wilderness before they are gone forever.

Medicine Shield



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