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Limited Editions

A Jouney in the lives of our American Wild Horses


Since 2004 Kimerlee Curyl has been bringing the art and beauty of our iconic wild horses to the world. Her unique vision, crafted tones and artistic skill set, aligned with her dedication to protecting all things wild, has become a leading voice along this journey.


You are invited to step into their wild lives, through these raw, romantic and compelling images that leave you with a piece of the wild in your heart, and possibly your home. Elevating and inspiring your space with wild beauty.


Each and every image has been chosen carefully, whether an extreme close up, rich in depth and detail or a slice of the vast and sweeping landscapes, allowing you to imagine for a moment, living in their wild and free world. A world many never get to see, which is wrapped in the profound and awe-inspiring beauty of our magnigficent American West.


Art and how it inspires one, can be so personal. By purchasing a GIFT CARD you are still giving the gift of art that gives back. And creating awareness for our wild world and its remarkable creatures.

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