Embrace Beauty

Stay Wild

We had an amazing event up in Incline Village, Nevada for the American Wild Horse Campaign.

My gratitude to Molly Kingston for opening up her stunning home and producing this exceptional event. The first of many we anticipate. Awareness and funds were raised for @freewildhorses. New friends and supporters were made and the immensely talented @transviolet shared their gift of music with us all.

Embrace Beauty 50 x 75 - A Mothers Love 36 x 54 and Stay Wild 30 x 45 and Prairie Flowers 40 x 60 all found new homes to reside in and Xenophon 30 x 45 went home with Transviolet.

I am forever humbled that others see the beauty in these wild, raw, exquisite creatures.

May WILD things be free...FOREVER

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